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  • Nanoforming:

Aethi manufacturing and construction often makes heavy use of self-arranging nanites which lock in place and 'grow' some type of material matrix to form everything from machine casings and frames to buildings, starship hulls, and even sculptures. These nanites can move autonomously, but are often guided by massive arrays of powerful electromagnets.

  • Song Forge:

Some large manufactured items cannot be created by nanoforming or conventional methods are manufactured in a space facility known as a song forge [AETHI TRANSLATION NEEDED]. These organic-looking structures utilize electromagnetic fields and finely-tuned sonic waves propagated through ion clouds to create objects from complex composites and metamaterials on a very large scale. Song forges get their name from the strange resonance induced in the hull and communications systems of any unshielded ship that flies nearby: a bizarre but strangely harmonious chorus of shifting, ethereal tones.