The Champions of Arios are the branch of the Agent Legions of Arios dedicated to expansion and waging war against the enemies of the Ariol Domain. The Champions share several ship classes with the Ariol Guardians, however they have a number of unique ships built specifically for their purposes.

Known Starships Edit

  • Agalassitar-class Light Fighter:

Typically launched from the holding fields of carriers, the Agalassitar is a small fighter vessel, equipped with quad beam cannons, well suited to operation in large swarms. Its name means "Heaven shard" in the Ariol language.

  • Trelesgara-class Light Carrier:

The Trelesgara, with a name meaning "Providence" in Ariol, is a frigate-sized warship. While this is normally a size class not used for carrier duties, Ariol holding field technology means that sixteen fighters can be kept in a sort of stasis around the ship until they are deployed in battle. The Trelesgara also has its own ionic beam array for shield destabilization.

  • Aglentash-class Illuminator:

The Aglentash-class is essentially a frigate-sized weapons platform with minimal crew accommodations and a small propulsion system. It includes refractive beam arrays, a projectile interception system, and target-locking missile turrets. It is named after the holy river Aglentash, the first thing the Ariol believe to have been created by their god.

  • Hevretharinash-class Destroyer:

The Hevretharinash, whose name means "bringer of holy light," lives up to its name quite well. It has no less than six separate beam weapon systems, each with several individual emitters. The end result is a starship that will burn through nearly anything, from heavy shielding to energized armor, with a burst of glowing white lances of pure energy.