Isaana, home to the imperial capital of Viarai, is a continent lies mostly in Aethis's southern hemisphere.

Weather & Climate Edit

Isaana is a largely tropical continent dominated by deserts and scrublands, but also host to two large mountain ranges, temperate northern brown-leaf forests and woods, and the eastern Ilaarien red-leaf forest.

Curiously, due to a quirk of the planet's atmospheric circulation, the further you go from the equator in Isaana, the hotter and drier the climate becomes. The north of Isaana is comparatively cool, with a Mediterranean-like climate that even transitions to temperate in some regions. Further south, the climate warms, transitioning to deserts and scrublands until higher elevations and interactions with mountain ranges induce cooler climates in the yet farther south. The southern tip of the continent is fairly temperate in climate.