Ithirahad: We generally leave dealings with Kuyit to Veridias, as they are often... troublesome, and hardly worth our time. As it would happen, though, we needed to secure a deal for a special material that none of our mines have.

Ithirahad: So off we went, and, predictably enough, it was troublesome, and hardly worth our time. Indeed, they argued about how much until everyone's beard drags upon the ground, and Aethi beards do not grow quickly.

Saye: Pay them enough and it's not a problem. I've never known them to break a bargain once made. And they're the best builders and craftsmen I know.

Ithirahad: Enough... yes. Paying them "enough," by their reckoning, might have increased Kuyit's mass enough for their lower moon to be pulled from orbit by the fifth year of the deal. We did not want to be accused of employing mass drivers against a world which is... Nominally under our partial jurisdiction.

Ithirahad: Likewise, we might have lost our own Tai-La to an orbit around Elii.

Ithirahad: And if you believe them to be better 'builders and craftsment' than the Aethi, I must question what... substances you have consumed recently.

Saye: Everyone makes something excessive amount as their first offer. Takes just seconds to lower it down if you know what buttons to push.

Ithirahad: This is not my first zara hasyaara, and it is certainly not my chief diplomat's.

Ithirahad: They were... difficult to a fault. Well, perhaps a fault, if we had any other source at all.

Saye: I'd rather have trouble agreeing on an inital price than have someone demmand more than was initially agreed upon later. Ithirahad: ...That, Saye... Is why we had to return.

Saye: In my experience, the Arkil Kuyit are the ones who can be most depended on not to do that.

Ithirahad: Our Arkil Kuyit are not yours, then.

Saye: Apparently not.

Ithirahad: I have heard that among their own kind, such things are grounds for what we would consider quite barbaric punishments.

Not so with others.

Saye: Perhaps your little... dwarves have learned from you to hold themselves above and apart from everyone else.

Ithirahad [ignoring Saye]: We managed to come to what we thought was an agreement that did not involve lifting the entire Imperial Treasury - building included - to Kuyit orbit along with half a legion's ships and three freighters' worth of fine eveithya.

Ithirahad: As it turns out, they threw a few... surprises into the contract that passed both our automated scanners, and the well-trained eyes of our negotiators. Gods only know how.

Saye: Aethi senses not as good as you claim?

Ithirahad [Again ignoring Saye]: So, a few years pass, and we don't get our shipment, we contact them, and, says them, we have not held up our end of the contract, and it is thus terminated...