The Veridias Union is the official governing body of the Veridias people and all other peoples within their jurisdiction. This includes several Veridias colony systems, as well as the Arkil Kuyit system and its indigenous planetary race. Being an entity consisting of only a few systems and with a relatively small military force, the Veridias Union is considered a minor power within the Alpha Quadrant.

History Edit

The Veridias Union was, at one point, at war with the Aethi Imperium. While not powerful enough to counterattack and strike against Aethi space, the Veridias ships held off the Imperial forces on all fronts until the Sky-fleet Directorate, which commanded the Aethi starship fleet at the time, deemed it unwise to continue the war. In the 200 years following the signing of the treaty between the Aethi and Veridias, the cold, officially neutral relationship between the two entities slowly developed into an alliance.

Government Edit

The Veridias Union is ruled by the Circle of Veridias, or Ksanir ake Veridiat, which was composed of elected representatives from each province of Veridias Prime and its major colonies, as well as five representatives from Kuyit. However, in practice the Arkil Kuyit representatives hold little power, a common reason for discontent and resentment of the Union for some Arkil Kuyit.

(Aethi and independent analysts agree that most of these feelings probably come from a sense of Arkil Kuyit nationalism more than a reaction to any actual mistreatment on the part of the Veridias Union government, especially as the Arkil Kuyit are actually left to govern their own affairs in most areas.)

Military Edit

The Veridias military, called the Veridias Defense Force, is relatively small, and mostly composed of smaller ships such as frigates, corvettes, and patrol fighters. It also includes a large number of small drone ships and electronic warfare platforms. It is not uncommon for Veridias ships to utilize swarm tactics, similar to those of the Suliban Cabal in the 22nd century.